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The Perfect Recipe for Making Life Easier in the Kitchen

The Perfect Recipe for Making Life Easier in the Kitchen

Working Women Search for Simple Solutions

Today, more and more women are working two jobs: one outside the home; the other right at home. And instead of laptops and conference calls at their ‘nine to five’ job, this second job involves countertops and cleaning the halls.

Time (or lack thereof) is a common complaint among all working women. Luckily, many companies are finding ways to ease the pain of household chores -- especially in the kitchen.

Tap into Filtered Water

Whether whipping up dinner, making Kool-Aid for the kids or bottles for the baby, women are constantly in need of water -- and nearly 75 percent choose some form of filtered water. So why waste precious time waiting to fill up at the refrigerator dispenser or waste money on pricey bottled water? Now they can get great-tasting filtered water straight from the tap. Moen’s new Muirfield with ChoiceFlo filtering kitchen faucet provides a stylish alternative that features two separate waterways hidden in the spout, offering both filtered and tap water -- no unsightly attachments required. And, everything about the faucet equals ease: easy installation, easy filter replacement and generous flow rate for easy filling of pots, pitchers and bottles.

Let Robots Do the Chores

They may not talk like Rosey from the Jetson’s, but today’s house-cleaning robots can really get the job done when it comes to cleaning kitchen floors. Like having another set of hands, new robotic floor washing vacuums, such as the Scooba from iRobot, use sensors to navigate around a kitchen, vacuuming, washing, scrubbing and drying floors all by themselves. That means working women will have more time to spend with friends and family rather than cleaning up after them.

Find a New Kind of Fast Food

After a long day on the job, preparing a home-cooked meal can seem like a daunting task. However, don’t resort to unhealthy fast food just yet -- there’s a new twist on cooking to get home-cooked meals fast. Referred to as “take and bake” or “fix and freeze,” these new businesses, such as My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, allow women to spend one evening preparing several weeks worth of great-tasting meals. Ingredients are purchased and prepared ahead of time so women on-the-go can simply assemble the recipe and package for freezing. That means a quick, healthy meal -- without the mess.

Enjoy a Quick Cup of Joe

If you’re like most working women, a little caffeine boost in the morning is just what the doctor ordered. But who has time to wait for a pot of coffee to brew or to stand in line at Starbucks. New one-cup coffee brewing systems are just the answer for those looking for a quick cup of coffee before running out the door. The small size of the system creates less clutter on countertops and single serving coffee pots brew a fresh cup of coffee in less than a minute. Plus, there is no measuring, no filters, no stale coffee, no grounds to clean up and best of all -- no waste.

By adding a few conveniences to the kitchen, working women will soon be able to spend less time “working” on their household jobs and more time enjoying being at home!

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